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Genesis Vascular

Genesis Vascular, a division of Genesis Global HealthCare, is focused on improving patient care through unparalleled clinical excellence and outstanding patient service. Genesis Vascular is dedicated to delivering quality vascular care to patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease (P.V.D.). Our physicians are hand-selected for both their expertise in vascular and endovascular care, as well as an outstanding commitment to patient experience and comfort. These physicians are leaders in the fields of peripheral vascular disease (P.V.D.), including limb salvage, and wound management. For our P.A.D. patient population, these procedures can be lifesaving as seen in the save a limb save a life programs.

Read more below to learn how Genesis Vascular is at the forefront of treating vascular disease.

Results Thru Relationships
Genesis Vascular a multi-specialty approach to vascular disease treatment involving interventional cardiologists, podiatrists, interventional radiologists, and vascular surgeons. Thru the multi-specialty relationships, Genesis can offer seamless care across the entire scope of patient care. Our patients receive only the top level of care, and Genesis Vascular focuses on outstanding diagnosis and treatment, as well as an emphasis on quality of life.

Why Genesis Vascular?
As our society experiences an overall aging of its population, there is a corresponding increase in concomitant disease such as cardiac and vascular diseases. As technology and medicine advance, Genesis Vascular is aware of these changes and understand what that means for the patients. Patients are understanding that they “the patients” have a choice in their healthcare and who provides that care. The Genesis Vascular philosophy is that we provide a healthcare service to our patients. This healthcare service involves treating our patients with the respect and dignity they deserve, maximizing the patients visits for treatments, patient education, patient follow up, patient portals, and high quality outcomes. Genesis Vascular was established with the belief that by making patient care the highest priority, it benefits both the patient as well as the physician. We empower our physicians to take control of their patient care allowing care to be administered faster and more effectively. Genesis Vascular is redefining what is expected with healthcare.

Images Of Our Workplace

Genesis Vascular of Salt Lake

Genesis Vascular of Pooler

Genesis Vascular of Pooler

Genesis Vascular procedure room

Genesis Vascular custom wood wall at Genesis Vascular of Salt Lake

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